Why PPG Is The Best Greens Drink For Your Health & Vitality

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Patriot Greens is the easy way to enjoy healthy green vegetable juice, and carefully selecting anti-aging nutrients…

In my last post I mentioned a new “green drink” that has come on the market called Patriot Power Greens, and expressed my excitement over the fact that this new product allows you to get all of the nutritional benefits of a large bunch of leafy greens (and 37 other fruits and vegetables) without needing to wash the fresh produce, steam it, or juice it or do whatever else you need to do to ingest it.

However, when I wrote that post I didn’t go into much detail on just what makes this particular greens drink so far superior to other similar supplement products. So, in this post I will share some additional information on what makes this product such a stand out.

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So, what are some of the benefits that PPG has over similar “Green Drinks”?

There are a number of ways that PPG distinguishes itself from the other “copycat” greens products that have come out since Dr Lane Sebring came up with this original formula. That is however not to say that PPG is the “first of it’s kind”. The truth is that these powdered greens drinks have been around for quite a while. The first time I heard of them this hippie looking dude at Whole Foods showed them to me. I thought the idea was pretty cool, so I gave the product he showed me a try – problem was, it tasted like grass!

That brings us to the #1 (in my humble opinion) reason that PPG is the greatest green drink of all time. The TASTE!

#1) Patriot Power Greens tastes AMAZING.

Listen, I’m a real snob when it comes to food, supplements, drinks and other things that I put in my body. The way I see it, life is too short to eat bad food, or experience disgusting tastes when we could be enjoying good ones. That said, I knew that if I was going to be drinking a greens drink on a regular basis that teh stuff was going to have to taste good. I’ve tried a few over the years and can honestly say that PPG is the hands down winner, by a freaking MILE.

This is probably due to the fact that PPG is flavored with fresh organic apple and goji berry juice and that it contains zero artificial sweeteners or other artificial ingredients! That brings us to #2 – it’s ALL NATURAL!

#2) PPG is 100% Natural & 100% Organic

You know what that means. Zero toxic chemicals, no weird synthetic anything, no strange ingredients formulated in a lab. This is pretty important to me, and unfortunately most of the other products on the market fail to live up to the same levels of naturalness and purity that PPG greens do.

#3) Developed By A Bona Fide Anti-Aging Medicine Expert

Unlike other greens that were developed by no-name supplement company owners or consultants, PPG greens were developed by Dr. Lane Sebring, he’s a world famous doctor who is a well known expert on holistic anti-aging treatments. This guy knows more than just about anyone when it comes to anti-aging treatments and he developed the product with The Patriot Health Alliance, a company with a stellar reputation for creating powerful, natural supplements.

#4) Made In The USA

Sure, some European countries put out some decent supplement products, but IMHO nothing beats natural, organic supplements made right here in the USA with all USA ingredients.

I just don’t know what is going on in other countries, as far as their production standards, but I do know that PPG greens are packaged in an FDA regulated facility and that they are TRIPLE checked for purity before being shipped out the door. And that is a good thing. Can the competition say this? No, they can’t!

So hopefully that gives you a bit more insight on why Patriot Greens is the best greens supplement available!

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